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Blake has been featured by the following News Organizations, Magazines, and Publications. He talks about entrepreneurship, technology, business, and more. If you would like to feature Blake please reach out via email!


"Data Management Challenges to Avoid upon Data Ingestion" covers AI technology news, editorial insights and digital marketing trends from around the globe. Updates on modern marketing tech adoption, AI interviews, tech articles and events.



"Three Tips for Data Cleansing Compliance"

Merkle is a customer experience transformation business partner to the Fortune 1000. The future of brand loyalty and competitive advantage is the customer experience, they empower the world’s leading brands to transform their data, technology, and organizational capabilities to deliver those differentiated customer experiences across marketing, sales, commerce, and service.


Spice Works

"Gaining Data Governance Flexibility in the Cloud"

Connecting the IT industry since 2006. Spice is a marketplace where tech buyers and sellers come together to push the world forward with technology.



"Become a Successful Musician: Blake DeLuca Explains How"

24Hip-Hop was formed in 2012 with a Mission to spread HipHop/Rap Music and Upcoming Talents to all corners of the globe. It delivers spanking new Hip-hop/contemporary music, Entertainment Gist, videos and music content daily to Americans by exposing remarkable artists and their materials from the fast growing HipHop Music industry around the world.


Midget Herald

"The Dilemma Between College and Certifications. A Closer Look with Blake DeLuca"

Midget Herald is one of the leading entertainment business and lifestyle news websites in the industry. The Herald ensures that each and every breaking news from the entertainment industry gets covered. 

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